123 4 Kids Play Therapy Center

A new modern approach to children's and adolescent's mental health therapy and services.

123 4 Kids Play Therapy Center is a 1700 square foot facility filled with every toy imaginable!

We offer something for everyone...

For Tweens and Teens we have;

Computer gaming, Xbox 360, Xbox 1, Play station 3 &4, Occulus Rift(virtual Reality Gaming) Legos and other specialty building blocks, Robotics, Arts and craft.

In addition the center is equipped with an oversized slide/climbing house, trampoline, plasmacars, balance bikes, Doll houses, puppet theaters, tons of dress-up costumes and accessories for role-play, train sets, cars, Dinosaurs, Imaginext systems, transformers,and much,much more!

 We have a fully equipped special needs center and under 5's room. 123 4 kids is also a state of the art Education facility.

Our Mission is to reach every child through the language they speak.

Play Therapy for Children – Counseling for Teens

Helping Children and Teenagers Navigate Life’s Transitions

Play Therapy for Children 

Play is a child’s language.  Children communicate through their behavior.  Through the use of a variety of play therapy activities, we can help children process issues, address social and behavioral problems, and assist them in overcoming some of life’s toughest obstacles.

Although Play Therapy is typically offered to children ages 3-13, we offer play therapy to families with children of any age. Play therapy effectively treats the following populations:

Children with the following life situations:

Adoption, Divorce, Trauma (sexual, physical, and neglect), recent family move, death of a family member, recent hospitalization, natural disaster, stressful life experiences

Children with the following diagnosis:

Autism, Aspergers ADHD, Depression, PTSD, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Learning Disorders, Encopresis, Enuresis

Children with the following behaviors:

Anger/volience, non-compliance, poor social skills, regression of development, odd behavior, talking back, difficult to soothe, sadness, anxiety, high strung, poor appetite.

Counseling for Teenagers:

Parenting throughout the lifespan is challenging.  There are no step-by-step manuals on raising children.  At times it can be so overwhelming that parents feel out of options.  Out of the love and care that parents have for their children, they choose to contact outside help for their child to cope with some of life’s touch problems.  As trained child and adolescent specialists, Paul Silverman,LCPC and Raina Silverman,M.ED  can provide other options and avenues of hope.  Parents know the challenges of raising kids in our culture today.  Parents know the feelings of desperation as children grow up and face challenges and transitions.  Play therapy and working with teens is a way to help navigate the often difficult transitions from childhood into adulthood.

Common Struggles of Children and Adolescents

When children’s issues are detected early, treatment is quicker, more effective, and preventive.  Some of the issues we work with in children are:


Grief and Loss

Attention Deficit (ADHD)

Divorce Recovery

Stepfamily Transitions


Behavior Problems


Anger Management

Conduct Disorder

Developmental Transitions


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Parent-child relationship problems
Family system issues
Cycle of life issues

And many, many more...

We offer the following treatments, utilizing our staff of
trained, licensed therapists:

Cognitive therapy seeks to identify and change distorted or unrealistic ways of thinking

Contextual family therapy accentuates the need for ethical principles such as trust, loyalty and mutual support to be an integral part of the therapeutic process.

Play therapy We offer play therapy for children of all ages. Play provides a way for children to express their experiences and feelings through a natural, self healing process.

Play therapy in a family therapy context We offer family therapy for siblings and parents.

Filial therapy Utilizes the parent as the child's primary therapeutic agent. Parents are "trained" to conduct therapy sessions with their child.

Theraplay is an approach that uses elements of play therapy and that has intention of helping parents and children build better attachment relationships through attachment-based play.

Gestalt therapy is a therapy that incorporates key concepts of: present-centered awareness; profound respect; emphasis on experience; creative experiment and discovery.

Sand Tray therapy is a wonderfully creative therapeutic way to bring together our inner and outer worlds, to make the unconscious conscious.  Clients of any age, under the guidance of an experienced therapist, utilize containers of sand approximately 2 x 2 ½ feet by 4 inches deep and pick from hundreds of figurines representing all forms of life and matter.  The client places the figurines in the sand, creating  images [worlds].

Many other Therapy techniques are offered and utilized during session.

Coming soon...

EMDR [Eye Movement Desentization and Reprocessing] is a remarkable innovative therapy that addresses trauma, as well as other issues, through the pairing of cognitions and neurophysiologic methods.